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Garlic vozdushki grade Ljubasha
In stock 
200 UAH
We offer a variety vozdushki Lyubasha - elite seeds from producer. Collect seed treatment is conducted under the guidance of an experienced management with vlsmiletnim experience of growing this variety. Seeds at the time of our beginning of the garlic business were purchased from the author's own...
Group: Seeds of garlic
Seeds of pumpkin "The Bulgarian"
In stock 
Sell Seeds of pumpkin in bulk. Bulgarian raw materials possible revision Cleaning calibration
Group: Seeds of pumpkin
Lyubasha garlic (odnozubka)
In stock 
220 UAH(8.40 USD)
I will sell sowing garlic of Lyubash (odnozubk).
Group: Seeds of garlic
Sunflower seed confectionery (Jaguar grade)
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
250 UAH(250 USD)
Wholesale: 249 USD from 1000 t.
Sell sunflower seeds and white pockmarked. Grade Jaguar and confectionery. In the presence of 30 t. Pockmarked and 15 m. White seeds. Wholesale, export.
Group: Sunflower seeds
Seeds water-melon - the producer
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
300 UAH
Wholesale: 1.20 USD from 10 kg.
Group: Seeds of watermelon
In stock 
500 USD
Popcorn from the producer babochka.gribochek 95-98% solvability. humidity 14 3-5 are calibrated  Packing of 30 kg bag polepripelen 1200 t
Group: Popcorn
Seeds of varieties of garlic Ljubasha
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
1.50 USD
Wholesale: 1.50 USD from 1000 kg.
seeds of garlic (teeth) the grade of a lyubash in manual is divided into teeth previously underwent freezing .zubok already woke up is ready to posevu.prinimay zakazy.sostavlyay contracts for sowing material of garlic of Lyubasha.Zanimayemsya of a .semen were bought by cultivation of the given...
Group: Seeds of garlic
Garlic Lyubash's grade
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
35 UAH(1.30 USD)
Wholesale: 1.30 USD from 1000 t.
producers of garlic Ukraine a grade of a lyubash for 2018 of a new harvest we make contracts for delivery of production on export.zaplanirovano on harvesting of 2018 - 800 t of gross weight commodity you chesnoka.svyazhitsya with us for specification of details our arrival for negotiations +3 8 0...
Group: Garlic
Sunflower seed pumpkin
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
1.75 UAH
Wholesale: 1.74 USD from 22 t.
let's provide volumes sunflower seeds tekvenny the Ukrainian of .damskiya nogot.serovolzhsky .bolgarka.tovar prepares under the client individually
Group: Seeds of pumpkin
Haricot Mavka
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
590 UAH
Wholesale: 590 UAH from 22 t.
fasol.sort mavka.bazovye harakterestiki kachestva.tovar in Ukraine .only wholesale.
Group: Haricot bean
Coriander golden
In stock 
9000 UAH(310 USD)
The coriander is golden. Ukraine producer. Persistent fragrant smell. Dirtiness to 3 percent. The bag of 20 kg is packed
Group: Spices
Hop of a zagrav
In stock 
175000 UAH(6300 USD)
Hop of a zagrav in granules an environmentally friendly product. It is packed into bags on 10 kilograms. Full package of documents
Group: Hops
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
7000 UAH
Wholesale: 6700 UAH from 1000 t.
light walnut Ukraine 70 \ 30. In a week the machine 22t.zatamazhivaem
Group: Walnut


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